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If left untreated, inflammatory diseases can destroy your teeth starting with the structures that surround them, like roots and gun tissue. If your gums are inflamed, or if you need dental implants, the team at Healthy Smiles Dental Care can diagnose and treat periodontal diseases and the placement of dental implants. For expert periodontal care, book an appointment online or over the phone at one of their locations in Chelsea, Flint, Lansing, Barton City (Jewell Lake Dental), and Muskegon, Michigan.

Periodontics Q & A

What is periodontics?

Periodontics is a dental specialty that focuses on diseases of the structures that surround the teeth, specifically the gums. While many periodontal treatments can be done at the office and by a general dentist, a periodontist treats advanced cases of periodontal disease, such as gingivitis.Periodontists also specialize in the placement of dental implants, since the procedure involves a false tooth root that is implanted into your jaw and is often performed following treatment for advanced periodontal disease.

When should I see a periodontist?

While periodontists specialize in gum disease, they are also able to place dental implants and correct cosmetic issues involving your gums. You may need to visit a periodontist for these reasons:

  • You are interested in dental implants
  • You feel that too much of your gums are visible when you smile
  • Your gums are bright red or inflamed
  • You’re losing teeth inexplicably
  • Your gums are receding

If periodontal care is necessary, your dentist will refer you to a periodontist for further diagnosis and treatment. One of the main diseases that periodontists treat is the gum disease periodontitis. Periodontitis is a serious gum infection caused by bad oral hygiene and can lead to tooth loss and jaw infection. If you feel that you are at risk or if you already have a diagnosis, you should visit a periodontist to explore your treatment options.

You’ll be referred to a periodontist if you need dental implants as a treatment to replace a missing tooth due to periodontitis or any other reason. Dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth that are custom-made to look like your original teeth and match your remain teeth.

What treatments do periodontists offer?

Periodontists offer several treatments for gum disease. These include:

  • Root planing and scaling
  • Tissue grafts
  • Implant insertion
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Gingivectomy
  • Gingival curettage
  • Tissue regeneration

If your dental provider has recommended any of these treatments to you, or if you’d like to learn more about the cosmetic possibilities in periodontal treatment, a periodontist will be able to guide you through your options.

Healthy Smiles Dental Care offers many periodontal treatments. If your gums seem less than healthy, call or schedule an appointment online to determine if you’re at risk of developing periodontitis.