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Knocking out a tooth can be quite terrifying, especially because you don’t quite know what will happen. Well, we have good news: Dr. Steven Rodriguez can put the tooth back into place if the tooth is whole and alive. So, please stay calm, schedule an appointment, and follow our instructions.

Tooth-saving instruction No. 1: Find the tooth but don’t hold it by the roots. It’s important to only touch the white portion of the tooth that was visible when it was in the smile, which is also known as the crown. Then, clean the tooth by rinsing it in a bowl of tap water. This can help you wash any blood and debris away from the chomper. Whatever you do, do not scrub the tooth. When it’s washed, put it in a safe place (refer to instruction number three).

Tooth-saving instruction No. 2: Rinse your mouth with warm water to clean the area. No one wants blood and other things in their mouth. As you rinse, be gentle. You don’t want to irritate the area. You can also try to reduce the bleeding by placing a gauze pad on the area and applying pressure. When everything has settled down, try to put the tooth back into place.

Tooth-saving instruction No. 3: If you cannot seem to put the tooth back into place, then you need to keep it alive by other means. You can put it between your cheek and gums, but be careful not to swallow it! You can also put it in a cup of saliva or milk, or you can put it in a tooth-preservation product that you can purchase at the store. No matter what you do, it’s important to keep the tooth alive until you see your dentist.

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